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Narcissus was cursed by the Greek god Artemis on the request of his many lovers and admirers; all upset by his infidelity and disregard for their feelings. The curse was for him to fall in love with his own reflection, leaving him sitting day in and out by the same pool, longing for himself in the water but not able to touch or be loved by this image until he withered away and died in loneliness and despair.

We do not believe that Narcissism or NPD is incurable. My name is Steve Cooper and I conquered these problems in my life and I now have a committed and loving marriage. Back when Kim, my wife, was looking for help online, she was scared badly by the ‘expert’ who described my behaviour very accurately saying that there was no hope for me and that she should leave me. I was very lucky that Kim met someone with better advice and so when things got better with us, we decided we would help others in our situation and share it on the web that there is hope.

Narcissism can be corrected but it does not get better by itself; untreated it leads to multiple relationship breakdowns, nervous breakdown, career breakdowns and can see it’s victim (the narcissist) end up in jail or on the street and their family disjointed and in tatters.

There are things that you can do to ‘break free’ of this curse of narcissism and enjoy a healthy and deeply fulfilling marriage and sex life, while having your longing for love fully satisfied.

We offer simple steps to help you end the loneliness ...

Does Pornography Feed Narcissism?

Pornography is idealised fantasy and encourages lying, deception and deceit ...  all symptoms of narcissism. Web-cam and chat room sex and romance are even worse for encouraging the development of a false ego or pretend personality because of the temptation to present an unrealistic version of yourself. It seems obvious to me now that all of these can only feed loneliness and NPD and will encourage the behaviour that defines it. There have been numerous studies linking pornography use with marriage breakdown, emotional and domestic abuse and child abuse.

“A pornography addict is like Narcissus himself, staring into a pool (or these days his computer) longing for love that he will never find there, while abandoning and eventually being abandoned by all those in his life who once loved him.”

Kim and I want to help you find your way back to feeling loved and accepted for who you truly are. To be free of the ‘bubble’ that you may now feel yourself trapped in.

If you feel you may be suffering from these symptoms please consult a professional health care worker but also make sure you subscribe to my list ...

You can have the love life that you are longing for, let us help you find the way.

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Please listen: A short audio where Steve Cooper, host of ‘The Love Safety Net‘ discusses his reaction to discovering he was suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and that this disorder was apparently incurable.


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